Cartridges with IML

Cartridges with IML

The IML application for silicone cartridges requires a lot of experience and know-how on the IML field. It is a challenge due to the technical difficulties of the process. The design of the robot and process needs to be unique and smartly thought out because of the almost zero angle conical shape of the cartridge due to the technical requirements of the silicone industry. Thanks to our huge experience in the IML field, we proud ourselves of presenting our 12 cavity Silicone Tube IML system. 

Of course we can!

Technical Features:

  • Mold: 12 Cavities
  • IMM: Nestal 450 Ton
  • Cycle time 14.5 sec.
  • Robot interruption. 2.3 sec
  • In-Mould Labelling
  • Free fall without Stacking

February, 2020